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Most homeowner’s don’t realize that the key to keeping your furnace from breaking down unexpectedly is to change your furnace filter as often as needed as a part of your furnace’s regular maintenance.

Why is this? It may seem simple but the filter on your furnace was designed first and foremost to protect the mechanical parts of the furnace to allow them to operate at their peak performance and efficiency. Your furnace operates based on air flow. What this means is, if air flow is inhibited by a clogged filter, your furnace is in danger of overheating and failing as a result. Think of your furnace like a hair dryer. What would happen if you blocked the air intake of a hair dryer when it was turned on? The lack of air flow would cause the dryer to overheat causing a most unpleasant styling experience. However, a minor burn can seem less painful compared to an overheated furnace that requires costly, yet unnecessary repairs.

But this is just part of the protection that your of your furnace will suffer less wear and tear with a clean furnace filter. For example, the blower wheel in your furnace will operate much easier without dust and debris colliding into it. A clean furnace with uninhibited air flow has the chance to operate for its expected life span. Just like smoking can lower our life spans, a dirty furnace filter is like second hand smoke to a furnace.

With a maintained filter you will also enjoy energy savings as your furnace will operate at its peak efficiency. If your furnace is rated to operate at 95% efficiency that means that you are only wasting 5 cents for every dollar of gas used by the furnace. If your filter is dirty, efficiency declines meaning you will be saving fewer cents for every energy dollar. Remember that your furnace whether old or new is an asset, an investment like a vehicle. By simply maintaining the filter, you will be able to enjoy a full return on your investment in energy savings and consistent operation.

Key Cost Savings with a Maintained Furnace Filter:

  • Gas and electricity savings with increased furnace efficiency
  • No unexpected costs without emergency breakdowns
  • A return on your investment with a full furnace life

For every season we enjoy in Edmonton, we receive numerous emergency service calls where a clean filter would have prevented the break down. It is an honest misconception with home owners but don’t let a stressful emergency service situation be your first encounter with your furnace filter. As today’s high efficiency furnaces become more mechanically and technologically complicated, parts and service become more costly with the need for expensive replacement parts and additional training. Starting with simple filter maintenance will help ensure you are not left in the cold, literally and financially!

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