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Heat Pumps


Cold Climate heat pumps in albertA

Air source heat pumps are becoming popular in North America and have now made their way to Alberta. Heat pumps deliver both heating and cooling for your home while saving you on your utility bills with their high efficiency performance. Cold climate heat pumps supplement heating in the spring/fall season to save on your gas bill, while providing cooling during the summer. Compared to a conventional air conditioner, heat pumps offer consistent cooling while saving you on energy costs with their high efficiency rating. Four Seasons offers the Napoleon cold climate heat pump, check it below:

What Is A Heat Pump And How Does It Work?

A Heat Pump is an energy star rated, all-in-one heating and cooling system.

An air source heat pump uses refrigerant and a fan coil system to expel heat from your home during the summer to cool your home. In the winter it reverses to expel cool air from the home and uses the thermal energy stored in the air outside to heat the home. Even in colder outdoor temperatures, there is enough thermal energy available to be extracted and used to generate heat. For example: The heat content of air at -18C equates to 85% of the heat contained at 21C.

Do Heat Pumps Work In Cold Climates?

Yes, heat pumps do work in places like Alberta, the application is a bit different than mild climates. Heat pumps in our province are a great way to get energy efficient cooling in the summer and save on heating during the spring/fall/mild-winter temperatures. However the colder it gets, the less efficient a heat pump can provide heating to your home. For our cold climate, it is essential to have an alternative heat source for our extreme temperatures of -30 to -40.

We recommend upgrading your furnace at the same time to have a back-up heat source when needed, if you already have a compatible furnace a heat pump can be easily added. With the supplemental heating you will receive with the heat pump, you will extend the life of your furnace as it will only run during colder temperatures. Four Seasons specializes in installing air source heat pumps, check out our installation process for more information.

Are There Rebates Available For Air Source Heat Pumps?

Yes, you can receive up to a $5000 rebate for an air source heat pump through the NRCAN Greener Homes Grant Program. Four Seasons can provide the professional installation you need for your rebate. Contact us today for more information or to book a free in-home estimate for our heat pumps.