Reliable, local repair services for your HVAC needs

Have you ever went to fill the tub to discover you only have an ice water supply? We understand how disruptive and stressful a no heat or no hot water situation can be, and returning heat to your home is our first priority. We have always made emergency repairs our first priority.

Reliable 24-hour emergency servicerepair

Our servicemen are ready to respond to emergency no heat and no hot water calls during regular hours and after-hours, 24 hours a day! We guarantee that all emergency calls are responded to within 24 hours of your call! Non-emergency service calls can be scheduled on our regular hours service schedule.

We service all makes and models and when you call us after-hours you will speak to an actual serviceman about your situation and not a call centre. Our servicemen are qualified technicians, NAIT certified as Gasfitter A Journeymen and apprentices who can professionally diagnose and repair your furnace or hot water tank correctly the first time.

Save your energy dollars – Check before you call!

Most homeowners don’t realize that there are some simple checks that you can do to resolve an emergency situation by ensuring the simplest of problems are not the cause.

If your heating system fails to operate properly, check the following:

  • Be sure the power to the unit is on.
  • Check your thermostat batteries and replace if necessary – if the thermostat cannot send a call for heat to the furnace, the furnace will just continually wait to ignite.
  • Check your furnace filter – a dirty or plugged filter can restrict airflow and cause your furnace to “limit out” and shut down to prevent overheating.
  • Check to ensure that the door on the furnace is properly seated. Most furnaces have an interlock switch that stops the unit from operating if the door is not seated properly.
  • Check your electrical box for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse.

If after these checks your furnace is still not working, call us at 780-438-2900 and we will respond to your emergency as soon as possible! Emails are accepted for regular service inquiries but not emergency service, which require voice authorization.


What if my hot water tank is leaking?

How can I  prevent costly break downs?

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