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Furnace & Duct Cleaning

improve your air quality & prolong your furnaces life

The Original Furnace & Duct Cleaners

Four Seasons Furnace Cleaning & Services was one of Edmonton’s first furnace & duct cleaning companies, established in 1969. As a pioneer of the industry, we have seen the benefits of this service over the last few decades. Major benefits of the service include: improved indoor air quality, prolonged life expectancy on your HVAC equipment and increased efficiency. 

Furnace & duct cleaning is one of the best ways to maintain your furnace and/or air conditioning system. Dust build up makes your furnace and air conditioner work harder to heat/cool your home, wearing out the parts, causing breakdowns and inefficient operation. We have seen many furnaces fail due to clogged filters, burnt out fan motors or even plugged indoor air conditioning coils. Regular cleaning of your furnace and air duct system guarantee your furnace wont be working harder than it has to.

Four Seasons first Powervac truck in the 80's


Every time your furnace cycles, it pushes air through your ductwork to every hot and cold vent in your home. Your furnace and duct system are responsible for circulating the air in your home. Dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, renovation dust, pet dander and other pollutants found in dirty ductwork become airborne when your furnace cycles, especially with continuous fan operation.

Removing this build up ensures clean air is being distributed through your home and not allergens or other air pollutants. Our long winters have Canadians spending up to 90% of their time indoors; having clean indoor air to breathe will improve your health and overall wellbeing. Adding an air cleaner is another great way to improve your indoor air quality in addition to furnace & duct cleaning.


Duct cleaning is not a regulated mechanical trade in Alberta. Your duct work is connected to your natural gas appliance that should be handled by a professional. All of our servicemen are registered apprentices trained under the expertise of our Gasfitter (A) Journeymen. As a part of the trades program at NAIT, our servicemen are trained to provide a full mechanical tune-up and servicing when we clean your furnace. Four Seasons is a NADCA certified contractor qualified for the cleaning of air duct systems.

Our servicemen are mechanically liable for each and every furnace they service, backed by our certified Journeymen. Unlike cleaning companies, our servicemen provide the full mechanical service your furnace needs. This saves you time and money as you do not need to additionally hire a mechanical contractor to service the furnace.



Our state of the art Powervac trucks pack a powerful cleaning punch. Custom building and design just for air duct cleaning, unlike a converted truck with a vacuum in back. Our trucks use industrial high power compressors providing 7500 cubic feet of suction per minute and 200-250 psi of compressed air.


This technology leaves duct work spotless. This rubber whip uses air pressure and whipping action to remove stuck on debris and dust from the ductwork. Unlike the brush method, this rubber head will not damage your ductwork and can clean around screws and other physical obstructions in your ductwork. This is the latest technology on the market today for duct cleaning and is most effective at removing build up.



  • The main hose is ran directly from our Powervac truck and connected to your ductwork.
  • All hot and cold air vents are covered to put your ductwork under negative air pressure.
  • Each individual vent is cleaned with air pressure that pushes all dust/debris into your main run of ductwork.
  • The main runs of ductwork are then cleaned using our Patent Viper Clean Sweep System®; this system scrubs lodged debris from your ductwork.
  • All the loosened debris is then pulled out of your ductwork through the main hose and out to our Powervac collection bags.
  • Optional Sanitization with Benefect Botanical Disinfectant


  • Your furnace is disassembled to access the internal components for cleaning and servicing including your: Fan motor, first and secondary heat exchangers, burner, pilot and flame sensor. Depending on the age of your furnace, other components will be included.
  • No visual inspections here, as a HVAC mechanical contractor we provide a mechanical service and tune up on your furnace. This includes humidifiers, air cleaners and air filters attached to the furnace.
  • This is completed by certified technician through the NAIT Gasfitter (A) Journeymen program.
  • A survey detailing the condition of your furnace components is provided for your peace of mind. Our technicians can identify if any parts are showing wear or diagnose mechanical issues with your furnace. If repairs are required, we offer 24 hour repair services.

Additional Cleaning Services

We also offer additional cleaning services that can be completed at the time of your furnace & duct cleaning. Learn more here.


We offer a basic duct cleaning service if you have recently installed a new furnace or are on a service contract with another mechanical company. We will complete the same cleaning of all your attached ductwork. Our serviceman will complete a visual inspection of the furnace. There is no major disassembly of the furnace, deep cleaning of internal components, or mechanical servicing. Like other cleaning companies, the furnace compartment will receive a dust out with compressed air.

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