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Preventative Maintenance

extend the life of your hvac equipment

Better Performance And Increased Efficency

Four Seasons offers a wide range of maintenance services for all the HVAC equipment we offer. Regular maintenance is the only way to receive the return on your investment from a new furnace or air conditioner. The only way to ensure you receive the full energy efficiency of your appliances and avoid costly breakdowns is to perform regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment. Furnaces and air conditioners are mechanical systems that put on miles just like a car would. And just like a car, if regular oil changes and maintenance are not performed, there are going to be issues. Would you drive a car for 20,000 km without doing an oil change?

Furnace & Duct Cleaning

AC Tune-Up

Furnace Tune-Up

Heat Pump Tune-Up

Hot Water Tune-Up

Recommendations For Annual Service

  • Manufactures designed your HVAC equipment with maintenance in mind. All manufactures recommend an annual service by a certified professional to ensure your HVAC equipment operates safely and effectively.
  • Insurance Providers and Firefighters Associations recommend annual inspections for safe operation.
  • Your Energy Provider and Natural Gas Provider recommend that a qualified heating professional annually inspect HVAC equipment to ensure efficient and safe operation.
  • Our Emergency Experience with over 35+ years of experience providing repair services, we have replaced thousands of burned out motors, circuit boards and gas valves due to a lack of maintenance. Homeowners who regularly maintain their furnaces get the full 15-20 year life from their furnace with fewer breakdowns.