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Furnace Installation

Furnaces 20 years and older can cost you as much as 50% in wasted energy. A new high efficiency furnace will save you money on your utilities bill and provide you with more reliable, comfortable heat during our harsh Alberta winters.

When you install your new high efficiency furnace with Four Seasons, you will receive a superior installation backed by 30 years of experience as an HVAC mechanical contractor and dedicated, certified tradespeople.

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A/C Installation

As area summers continue to grow warmer and warmer, you want to be enjoying a cool and comfortable home and not battling the heat. Central air conditioning is more commonplace now that summer has it’s own cooing season just like winter’s heating season. Air conditioners are refrigerated systems and older units that use R-22 refrigerant should be replaced as installation of these units is now prohibited.

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Hot Water Tank Installation

Besides your furnace, your hot water tank is the second largest energy consumer in your home. Hot water tanks have an average life span of 10 years, and should be replaced at this age. Operation on borrowed time only increases chances of tank rupture and decreased energy efficiency.

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Our servicemen are ready to respond to emergency no heat and no hot water calls during regular hours and after-hours, 24 hours a day! We guarantee that all emergency calls are responded to within 24 hours of your call! Non-emergency service calls can be scheduled on our regular service schedule.

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The only way to ensure you receive the full energy efficiency of your appliances and avoid mechanical breakdowns is to perform regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment. Furnaces and air conditioners are mechanical systems that put on miles just like a car would. And just like a car, if regular oil changes and maintenance are not performed, there are going to be issues.

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