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Wireless Thermostats


A Great Option For Tricky Retrofitting

Wireless thermostats are a great way to control your heating and cooling without running wires or cutting into walls. These thermostats can be placed anywhere in your home as they do not require hardwiring. A modem comes with all wireless thermostats, which is placed by the HVAC equipment to communicate with the thermostat unit that is placed wherever you wish in your home. These thermostats are a great option when upgrading to a new furnace or air conditioner in older homes or where fishing wire is not feasible or economical.


Honeywell Wireless Focus Pro Comfort System

 Programmable & Wi-fi Thermostat

This wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere with 5-1-1 or 5-2 programming. Connects to the Internet, displays outdoor conditions, and offers portable comfort control.


      • Large, clear backlit display

      • Wireless – temperature control anywhere in the home

      • Easy-Access battery replacement

      • Built-in instructions

  • 5 years limited parts

Considering this Wi-Fi Thermostats for your home?

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