Managing your heating and cooling

Every natural gas furnace and air conditioner requires a control or thermostat to perform heating and cooling when called for. Thermostats used to be a simple control with few features usually limited to heating, cooling, and fan operation. Today the options seem to be endless with options like learning thermostats. We offer a wide range of thermostat options for whatever equipment you have or plan to install. Four Seasons is dedicated in working closely with wholesalers and manufacturers to offer the most reliable thermostat options with the best performance. Check out our model offerings from Trane, Honeywell, and White Rodgers in each of the thermostat categories.

We are also a NEST Pro certified contractor and provide professional installation.


How do thermostats work?

A thermostat is a mechanical control that dictates the heating and cooling of your furnace and air conditioner. Directly or wirelessly connected to the furnace and air conditioner, the thermostat sends an electrical signal for heating or cooling as you adjust the temperature setting and communicates with the furnace and air conditioner to start up. Considering your thermostat controls your HVAC equipment, which consumes more than half of the energy in your home, selecting the optimal thermostat for your equipment is essential.


Remember, 1 degree lower means 1% savings!



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