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stay comfortable during alberta's dry winters

Imrpove Your Well Being During The Winter Months

If you have experienced a winter in Alberta, you may be familiar with the dry cold we endure. In a home without a humidifier, you have probably woken up with a dry throat, had itchy skin, or even a dry cough. All this can be solved with a whole home humidifier that is attached to your furnace and ductwork. Having a humidifier integrated with your HVAC system provides humidity that is evenly distributed throughout the home and can also save you on your energy dollars. Four Seasons provides top quality HVAC humidifiers that are guaranteed to improve your homes humidity during our dry seasons. Power drum humidifiers are outdated and not widely available due to issues with leaking and being prone to mold/bacteria growth. Flow through humidifiers offer water savings and no opportunity for mold/bacteria. Look at our flow through humidifier options for your home.

Flow Through Humidifiers

Flow Through Humidifiers

Whole home humidifiers are installed onto your ductwork and normally work with the heating operation of the furnace. A flow through humidifier uses a clay-based pad (evaporator pad) to slowly disperse water in the air moving through your ductwork from your furnace. Unlike the older power drum style of humidifier, there is no stagnant water sitting in a tray which is prone to bacteria and mold growth. These humidifiers are more hygienic and are easy to maintain.

What Proper Humidification Does For Your Home

Lack of humidity causes static electricity in carpets and furnishings. Humidity increases the retention of heat within the moisture of the air in your home. With dry air, little moisture is available. Adding humidity to the air will retain heat longer and you will feel that the air is “warmer” despite being at a lower temperature. This allows you to turn that thermostat down, running the furnace less, and saving you energy dollars!

Dry heated air without proper humidification can cause wood framing around doors and windows to contract. Lack of humidity can also cause separation of expensive wood floors and furniture. Keeping your home at the right humidity will extend the life of your home and furniture saving you on your investments.

What Is The Best Setting For My Humidifier?

Health Canada recommends that your home’s relative humidity should be kept between 30% and 40% in the winter. These levels will ensure you have a comfortable and healthy environment for your woodwork, furniture, indoor plants, your pets, and especially you and your family. Low humidity levels can aggravate skin allergies and respiratory conditions. High humidity levels increase the spread of mold, bacteria, and viruses. Dust mites reproduce actively when humidity is above 50%.