Why should you choose 2-in-1 furnace & duct cleaning for your furnace?

Preventative maintenance

duct cleaningRegular furnace and duct cleaning is the best preventative maintenance you can complete to ensure you get the longest life out of your HVAC equipment with fewer breakdowns. High efficiency furnaces are far more sensitive to dust and air borne contaminants than conventional furnaces. With more circuit boards, electrical wires, and sensors than ever before, proper maintenance is key. Just like a car, regular furnace and duct cleaning will save you energy dollars. A clean and fully serviced furnace will always outperform a dirty one.

Furnace manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of your duct work and annual service of your heating system by a qualified professional. This is the only way to ensure efficient and safe operation as well as to maintain any warranty coverage.

It’s the air you breathe

Whenever your furnace or A/C is running, airborne contaminants blow into the air flow of your duct system. Dust, drywall dust from renovations, dirt, pollen, and animal dander are blowing through your system whenever the fan is running. Over time these contaminants buildup inside your duct work and on the mechanical components of your furnace and A/C coil. Each time your system comes on, contaminants spew back out and circulate into the air you breathe. 

What do we complete at the time of this service?

Clean all attached duct work

In over 30 years of providing furnace and duct cleaning, we offer the best technology and professional methods available. Patent Viper Clean Sweep System® technology leaves duct work spotless. Created by a duct cleaner in response to the always different circumstances of each duct cleaning, the Viper system overcomes many difficulties presented by typical sweeping equipment. We can clean any size or shape of duct work through small, re-usable one inch access holes.

Along with patent cleaning technology, our state of the art Power vac trucks pack a powerful cleaning punch. Custom building and design just for air duct cleaning, unlike a converted truck with a vacuum in back. Our trucks use industrial high power compressors providing 7500 cubic feet of suction per minute and 200-250 psi of compressed air.

Clean all components of furnace

A proper furnace cleaning requires full dis-assembly as there are many internal components that require individual cleaning and servicing. When you open the furnace door, you can only see half of the components. Most often this does require disconnecting the circuit board to gain access to the dirtiest parts. Our servicemen qualify to fully disassemble and reassemble your furnace with our training and certification through the NAIT Gasfitter (A) Journeymen program.

We don’t just clean your ducts! Avoiding the mechanical components of the furnace is potentially hazardous to the unit. Your ducts may be clean, but your furnace will work harder with dust accumulation. Your furnace and ducts work together in a closed system. If we do not clean your furnace, we might as well not clean your vents either. Starting up a dirty furnace will just blow dust and debris throughout your clean duct work. In fact, the furnace blower that moves the air often contains the most dust build-up.

Complete mechanical service of the furnace

 Your Natural Gas provider recommends annual servicing for your natural gas appliances by a qualified heating professional. We provide this mechanical service 2-in-1 with your cleaning as we are certified to do so.

There are no visual inspections here! Included in every cleaning is a full mechanical service inspection of your furnace as we are a certified mechanical contractor. Our Gasfitter (A) Journeymen apprentices will provide you with a written service report at the end of the appointment letting you know how your furnace is operating and if you require any additional service.

We don’t just pull your furnace blower! We clean, service, and survey the following components at each service: fan motor, flame sensor, ventor motor, ignitor, shaft/bearings, belt, pilot, thermocouple, gas valve, thermostat, heat exchangers, filter, fan limit, water heater, and humidifier.

Our servicemen cycle every furnace to ensure proper operation following service. 

What if my furnace needs repairs?

Our Training and Mechanical Certification

duct cleaning

Duct cleaning is not a regulated mechanical trade in Alberta. Your duct work is connected to your natural gas furnace that requires mechanical trade expertise for installation, repair, and service. Our servicemen are certified to service air duct systems as well as natural gas appliances.

Four Seasons is a NADCA certified contractor qualified to complete HVAC cleaning of residential and commercial air duct systems. All of our servicemen are registered apprentices trained under the expertise of our Gasfitter (A) Journeymen. As a part of the trades program at NAIT, our servicemen are trained to provide a full mechanical tune-up and servicing when we clean your furnace.

Gasfitting is a nationally recognized and Alberta mechanical trade. Our servicemen are mechanically liable for each and every furnace they service, backed by our certified Journeymen. Unlike cleaning companies, our servicemen provide the full service your furnace needs. This saves you time and money as you do not need to additionally hire a mechanical contractor to service the furnace.

What if I have any issues following the service?



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