Modulating Heat

High Efficiency Design Meets Home Climate Control

The modulating or three-stage furnace is the most efficient design of furnace currently available. These furnaces operate with three stages of heating. Multiple stages continuously make slight operating adjustments as heating occurs. This operation ensures the minimum amount of electricity and gas required for your requested temperature. Back to the car analogy, this furnace works similar to a car on a road trip using cruise control. Your car continually makes small adjustments to provide the most efficient fuel consumption and comfort for the passengers. The fan on this furnace is designed to run continuously, constantly circulating fresh air throughout your home for added comfort.



Trane XC95m Gas Furnace

Efficiency: RATED UP TO 97.3% AFUE.

Description: This furnace constantly calibrates itself for optimal performance season after season. The modulating gas valve makes small operating adjustments, continuously regulating the amount of fuel burned according to your requested temperature setting. A variable-speed motor also provides consistent warmth and quiet operation.

Warranty: 10 years limited parts. Lifetime on heat exchangers. 1 year labour on installation. Optional Extended Manufacturers parts and labour warranty available


  • Up to 97.3% AFUE
  • ComfortLink™ II communicating capability
  • Fully Modulating Heat
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Durable silicone nitride hot surface ignitor
  • One-piece aluminized steel primary heat exchanger
  • 24-volt fuse to protect controls
  • Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Increased dehumidification with Comfort-R™
  • Multi-port, in-shot burners

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