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Cleanest air with electronic air cleanerAn electronic air cleaner uses electrodes to create an ionized electrical field that “magnetizes” pollutant particles and collects them on the filter material. An electronic unit can eliminate virtually all pollen, mold spores, and air borne viruses. Electronic air cleaners require professional estimation and installation to properly size the unit and ensure it works in conjunction with an existing or newly installed furnace.

A HEPA filter is a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. This mechanical filter system forces air through fine mesh screens to trap harmful particulates such as: household dust, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, pet dander, viruses and more.


Honeywell F-300 Electronic Air Cleaner

Efficiency: MERV 12-16 Rating

Description: This whole house electronic air cleaner traps and filters up to 99% of airborne particles passing through the system to ensure cleaner air is distributed to all rooms in your home. It works by placing a charge on airborne particles and then collecting them like a magnet.

Warranty: 5 years limited parts, 10 year coil guarantee


  • MERV 12-16 rating
  • Captures particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Up to 30 times more efficient at capturing airborne particles compared to a standard 1-inch filter
  • Particles enter three stage filtration system
  • No replacement filters needed
  • Requires only periodic washing of air cleaner cells to maintain


Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner

Efficiency: 1200 CADR rating

Description: Trane Clean Effects is a patented whole-house air filtration system that removes up to an incredible 99.98% of allergens from filtered air. Up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1” filter, the unit can reduce the need to dust by up to 50%. Effective as well as quiet the filtration can be welcome relief to anyone with respiratory difficulties.

Warranty: 10 years limited warranty when registered by authorized dealer. Optional 10 years parts and labour warranty available when installed with a Trane furnace • .


  • Traps particles as small as 0.1 micron in size.
  • Industry leading 1200 CADR rating
  • Reusable collection cells
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Meets FDA standards of below 50 ppb for ozone emission
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Quiet operation
  • Power Door – provides easy access for cleaning


Whole House HEPA Air Cleaner

Description: Designed to remove atmospheric and household dust, insecticide dust, mites, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, tobacco smoke particles and more. This compact unit is ideal for homes that have tight space in their mechanical rooms. Helps to protect and prolong the operating efficiency of the heating and cooling equipment.

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty and 30 days labour.


  • High Efficient pre-filter removes lint and hair before they enter the HEPA filter
  • Activated carbon pre-filter removes odors and extend the life of the HEPA filter
  • 99.97% HEPA media filer removes particles 0.3 micron and larger
  • Powerful European motor delivers 320 CFM of pure air, without adding static pressure to the HVAC system
  • Duct mounted or collar mounted installation

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