When should you choose basic duct cleaning?

We always recommend having your furnace completely cleaned and serviced at the time of duct cleaning. However, we do offer another option in the uncommon situation where furnace disassembly and cleaning is not necessary. With our basic duct cleaning service, your duct work receives deep cleaning and sanitization.

 We recommend this partial cleaning service in the following situations:

basic cleaning

  • You recently installed a new furnace with a company that does not provide duct cleaning services. This is especially important for new furnace installations. Do you really want the dust in your ductwork blowing through your new, clean furnace? Give your new furnace the best chance to perform efficiently and without added wear and tear.
  • You have a service plan for your HVAC needs that does not include duct cleaning services.
  • You have completed mechanical servicing in the last year on your furnace, but your duct work is dirty.

This service maintains your ductwork but always remember your furnace and ducts are connected as one system. You should service your HVAC system of furnace and duct work together whenever possible.


Clean all attached duct work

Just like our furnace and duct cleaning service, we offer the best technology available to clean your duct work. Our power vac trucks leave your duct work spotless with 7500 cubic feet of suction per minute and 200-250 PSI of compressed air. All hot and cold air ducts, as well as your main run are cleaned thoroughly. We can clean any size or shape of duct work through small, re-usable one-inch access holes. Duct work sanitization is also included with this service.

Dust out and visually inspect furnace

Our serviceman will complete a visual inspection of the furnace. There is no major disassembly of the furnace, deep cleaning of internal components, or mechanical servicing. Like other cleaning companies, the furnace compartment will receive a dust out with compressed air.

Our servicemen cycle every furnace to ensure proper operation following service. 

basic cleaning

basic cleaning


Duct cleaning is not a regulated mechanical trade in Alberta. Your duct work is connected to your natural gas furnace that requires mechanical trade expertise for installation, repair, and service. Our servicemen are certified to service air duct systems as well as your natural gas appliances.

Four Seasons is a NADCA certified contractor qualified to complete HVAC cleaning of residential and commercial air duct systems. All of our servicemen are registered apprentices trained under the expertise of our Gasfitter (A) Journeymen. Gasfitting is a nationally recognized and Alberta mechanical trade. As a part of the trades program at NAIT, our servicemen are qualified to service your natural gas appliances.



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