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Regular furnace and duct cleaning is the best preventative maintenance to ensure you get the longest life out of your HVAC equipment with fewer breakdowns. While high efficiency furnaces of today are technologically advanced, they are also far more sensitive to dust and air borne contaminants than conventional furnaces. Just like a car, regular furnace and duct cleaning will save you energy dollars with fewer unexpected repairs and fuel efficient performance from a clean system. Check out our cleaning solutions!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning - Content PhotoDryer Vent Cleaning Solutions

Heavy woolen and fleece clothes may help Canadians survive the country’s long and frosty winters. But many homeowners don’t realize they also carry a hidden hazard: when tumbled in a dryer, they shed loads of highly flammable lint that clogs dryer vents and becomes a serious fire hazard. 

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Fireplace Cleaning SolutionsFireplace Cleaning - Content Photo

The Fire Department will tell you that if you are regularly burning wood in your fireplace, the chimneys should be inspected and cleaned yearly. When you burn wood it creates resins, gases, and particulates that do not burn off, but collect in the chimney of your fireplace condensing to create creosote buildup. Creosote buildup in your chimney is highly flammable creating a fire hazard – if the creosote ignites, so does your chimney!

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Hot Water Tank Cleaning SolutionsHot Water Tank Cleaning - Header Photo

All too often homeowners consider their hot water heater only when it is broken down and there is no hot water. Regardless of the hot water heater you have in your home, manufacturers and energy providers across the board recommend annual inspection and servicing. Most homeowners don’t realize that your hot water heater is the second largest energy consumer in the home.

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22-CLEANED-DUCT-1Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial and industrial buildings require regular duct cleaning services to prevent serious indoor air quality issues unique to commercial buildings. “Sick Building Syndrome” and “Building Related Illness” are conditions that create adverse health effects to inhabitants such as headaches, sinus congestion, and shortness of breath. Prolonged exposure to these conditions can increase absenteeism, reduce productivity, and increase long term health risks to people in the building. Check out our cleaning solutions!

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