Should duct cleaning and furnace servicing be done at the same time or separately?

Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Unless you are in the business, have had to replace your furnace, or have been in the unfortunate situation of having no heat, most homeowners are unfamiliar with the services and qualifications needed to properly service their furnace. Furnace and duct cleaning, furnace servicing, furnace inspection, it can be confusing to know what service you should complete to get the longest life out of your furnace with fewer breakdowns. To provide some much needed clarity on this issue, we are going to debunk one of the many HVAC myths floating around the Edmonton area: that duct cleaning and furnace servicing are two separate services and as such require two differenttrades to service them.

Your furnace and vents are two pieces of the whole heating and air flow system in your home.

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Tips for Running Your Air Conditioning to Save Energy

With the record setting temperatures, homeowners with air conditioning are relying more than ever on central air for some relief. Air conditioners are notorious for using a large amount of electrical energy, especially with older R-22 units or units with low SEER ratings. And because this large amount of electrical energy is consumed in the summer when electrical rates usually hit their peak, staying cool can really burn a hole in your wallet if your not careful.

There are many ways to ensure you strike the right balance with your air conditioner usage to stay cool and comfortable and happy with your electrical bill. Following these simple suggestions will ensure that you are conscious of your environmental impact and also receive the best performance from your equipment.

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Debunking Confusion between Visual and Mechanical Furnace Inspections

When booking your regular furnace and duct cleaning service it can be confusing knowing what level of technical service you are receiving with the cleaning of your equipment. Some companies do visual inspections and some do mechanical inspections and there are many different ways of describing them. As a homeowner it is important to know the difference to receive the proper servicing for safe and efficient operation of your furnace.

A visual inspection of your furnace is just that, visual only. Components are not removed, tested, or fully inspected. When you remove a furnace door, you can only see half of the internal components. Some furnace configurations have many important components to the back of the furnace where they cannot be seen unless disassembled.

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