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Services - Hot Water Tank Installation - Content 1Besides your furnace, your hot water tank is the 2nd largest energy consumer in your home. Hot water tanks have an average life span of 10 years, and should be replaced at this age. Operation on borrowed time only increases chances of tank rupture and decreased energy efficiency.

With today’s hot water tanks increased efficiency comes a trade off – different installation requirements. If you are considering replacing your conventional hot water tank with a new tank it is highly recommended to do so when you upgrade your furnace to a high efficiency furnace unless you have already done so. Doing so will reduce the labour and material costs required to install the new tank and ensure the tank operates as its peak efficiency.

When you install your new hot water tank with Four Seasons you will receive a professional installation backed by certified tradespeople and the best quality products.


All hot water tank installations include:

  • shutterstock_223356304Installed professionally by certified installers through the Journeymen Gasfitter (A) Apprenticeship program at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).
  • Includes full removal and environmental disposal of your old tank.
  • Standard manufacturer’s warranty and a specially offered 1-year labour warranty and installation guarantee from Four Seasons.
  • Completed abiding by all location current gas codes and permits.
  • Complete maintenance services to receive the best performance over the water heater’s life. We also offer same day emergency installations after-hours and on weekends if needed for no hot water emergencies.

Looking to upgrade the size of your hot water tank or to a high efficiency power vented tank? Give our office a call today and we can set up a free in-home estimate to offer the best option for the hot water needs of your home.

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