Why should you have your hot water tank gas assembly cleaned and inspected?

Plain and simple, your hot water heater requires regular maintenance

shutterstock_154745501All too often homeowners consider their hot water heater only when it is broken down and there is no hot water. Regardless of the hot water needs you have in your home, manufacturers and energy providers across the board recommend annual inspection and servicing. Most homeowners don’t realize that your hot water heater is the second largest energy consumer in the home.

So what is the worst that can happen if you don’t maintain your hot water tank? While most appliances in your home just sit quiet and still when they fail, a hot water tank failure can find you standing in 40 gallons or more of hot water – literally! Worse yet, an improperly maintained tank could cause explosion, fire, or the release of deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home. The latter are certainly rare circumstances, but they underscore the importance of having a certified professional like Four Seasons inspect and service your hot water tank at your regular cleaning and servicing appointments.


Improve efficiency and ensure safety

Corroded HWT dip tube

Corroded HWT dip tube

Hot water tank cleaning and inspection can be completed at your regular furnace and duct cleaning. Our cleaning crew will thoroughly clean and inspect the gas end assembly of your hot water tank and provide you with a detailed service report at the end of the appointment so you know how your water heater is operating and if any further servicing is required.


Benefits include:

  • Safer operation! Removing carbon build up from the gas assembly reduced the possibility of gas emissions being circulated back into your home.
  • Lower fuel costs! Clean burners use fuel more efficiently.
  • Increases the life of the tank! A clean and maintained appliance is the only one, which will last its full life expectancy.

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