Should duct cleaning and furnace servicing be done at the same time or separately?

Unless you are in the business, have had to replace your furnace, or have been in the unfortunate situation of having no heat, most homeowners are unfamiliar with the services and qualifications needed to properly service their furnace. Furnace and duct cleaning, furnace servicing, furnace inspection, it can be confusing to know what service you should complete to get the longest life out of your furnace with fewer breakdowns. To provide some much needed clarity on this issue, we are going to debunk one of the many HVAC myths floating around the Edmonton area: that duct cleaning and furnace servicing are two separate services and as such require two differenttrades to service them.

Your furnace and vents are two pieces of the whole heating and air flow system in your home.

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The Worst Fire Hazard in Your Home Is Not What You Thought – Your Dryer Vent

Most homeowners don’t realize that one of the biggest fire risks in their home isn’t that candle left unattended or the cigarette butted in the planter – but in fact is something that nearly every home has, a dryer vent. Dryer vents were traditionally installed in places in the home that could be vented directly to the outside of the home without excessive length or bends. Usually this is in the basement where the mechanical room and floor drain is located. A straight dryer vent vented outside of the basement or main floor is easily maintained and unclogged therefore decreasing any fire hazard associated with the very flammable dryer lint, which accumulates inside dryer vents.

Most homes today feature laundry rooms that are located in other locations with convenience for homeowners in mind.

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